Is Animal Communication Real?

Is Animal communication real? If you consider that on some level you know you have understood your pet and she has understood you then communication has taken place between the two of you. But how can that process deepen so that you could do it at will? Imagine being able communicate so that you can understand your pet’s desires, fears, history, physical condition or anything that may be hidden from you. To develop this ability takes time so you may want to have a professional session.  

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If you are looking for

  • answers to questions regarding your animal’s feelings around their transition or
  • perhaps how their physical body feels during illness
  • behavior or pain that you don’t understand
  • the history of your animal friend
  • or just to get to know him or her better

then you may want to have an animal communication session. 

Animal communication is centered in telepathy and can be done in person or on the phone. It works the same regardless of the distance. Telepathy works through energetic impulses that course through the entire body as a sending and receiving station. These impulses appear from any of the sense channels such as “hearing, sight, taste, smell, physical sensations and a general knowing.” Susan will connect with your animal and ask your questions to get clarity.

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For instance a rescued from slaughter race horse named Jay told Susan that he wasn’t getting better from his feet injuries because he didn’t want to go back to his former old life of racing. He wouldn’t improve physically and he wouldn’t have to go back. Although animals don’t rationalize this horse lost his will to improve at the thought of having to go back.

Susan explained to him telepathically that he didn’t have to go back to that old life. The man who rescued him wanted him to live out his life peacefully. Jay explained further that he thought he was being made to race again. What he truly wanted was to become a therapy horse. The man was thrilled to learn the reason the horse wasn’t responding.  By talking with animals we can begin to understand them and can help them in ways we didn’t understand before the session.

Generally most questions can be done in 20 minutes. However if more animals are involved sometimes it is better to purchase more time.

Please make a list of questions you’d like to ask during the session. Your animal friend needs to be awake otherwise I cannot make contact. Often clients remark how their animal friend is reacting during the session which helps to validate that communication is occurring during the session.


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All First time animal communication sessions must be paid prior to session. Behavior problems with dogs need longer than a brief 20 minutes because most frequently these cases are more about the relationship between the client and his dog. Generally there is an issue within the pack dealing with hierarchy. This is not a quick fix. This is a behavior modification session. Click here to learn more about behavior modification
Animal consultations are usually done in person  (but can be done on Skype, i.e., computer with internet video chat or phone) where I come to your home/barn  to “talk” with you and your dog, cat, horse, bird, etc. I will ask you preliminary questions about what problems you are having and to determine the nature of your human-animal relationship. The problems experienced by you from your animal are often a reflection of how you view the animal and whether or not you fully understand his needs unique to his species. A dog needs to run, a cat needs to scratch, a fish needs to swim, etc. And the psychology of each species is different. This is very important to remember.

Understanding animals through communication creates a stronger bond


When we humanize  animals we are placing tremendous stress on them to be like us which is unnatural. That said, we being human and living directly with animals, it is nearly impossible NOT to humanize them. Appreciating animals for who they are creates respect and animals who are respected are more willing to do what you want them to do. However animals have their own lives and if some animals don’t feel that they want to do something they may not depending on your ability to persuade them. For instance, an animal such as a dog, that is kept indoors confined without adequate mental and physical stimulation may decide to run away and go off on an exciting outdoors adventure the first chance he gets. No amount of telepathic guidance will bring him home because his needs simply weren’t met there.


It is important to realize that all of the animal world uses the system of hierarchy or dominance of one animal over another as a way to create order and ensure symbiosis. This is a natural system. Nature made it this way and to humanize animals creates problems by disrupting the natural order of animals. In essence we cannot treat animals as equals if we want to persuade them and stop unwanted behavioral problems such as soiling in the house, destructiveness, excessive barking, aggression, fear, etc.


You can still love them but excessively humanizing animals creates imbalance. When I say “dominance”I am not talking about physically hurting an animal. Dominance is a mental approach. Learning how to mentally dominate a dog, for example, may be necessary when he will not listen to you and actually defies your wishes. A lot of trainers and owners think that using only positive reinforcement is the only true way to train an animal but I disagree. True dominance means using energy and emotion to create synergy between animals and or people. I don’t believe in hurting an animal physically ever.


If we look to nature and how dogs communicate and conflict solve we see aggression as the last tier. So let’s get real about the purpose of negative reinforcement. It works and no it doesn’t do long term damage like so many trainers and certified behaviorists think. It actually creates respect.  I use it. I scold my dogs when they get out of line. Sometimes discipline is needed as well. All stemming from nature. I didn’t make this up. I learned from watching how dogs interact with one another.

I combine my intuitive abilities with my knowledge of animal behavior to help you problem-solve and find answers.

Animal communication sessions help you to see what role you are playing in your animal’s behavioral issues.

The intention is to

  • Help you to understand your animal better so you can create a harmonious relationship
  • Create cooperation between the two of you
  • Become  your animal friend’s leader when appropriate
  • Learn how he thinks, feels and what he needs to be whole, happy and complete
  • Understand his wishes around healthcare and end of life decisions

All sessions must be paid in advance.

Animals who Have Transitioned. Losing a beloved animal companion is heart-breaking yet something we cannot avoid when we decide to love an animal. They have shorter life spans than we do so outliving them is something we must accept. Understanding their point of view helps owners find much needed peace when their animal friend transitions. I have dealt with many cases of animals passing and can help you understand that animals have their own journey, take their love for you with them and indeed help you to know that life is eternal.

Crossed-Over Animal communication testimonial
“Susan and I have a mutual friend on Facebook, but had never communicated in anyway before. I noticed one day that she posted that she was not only an animal communicator but also could communicate with animals who had passed on. I messaged her with a question regarding a very special dog of mine who died years ago. I was, and still am, completely blown away with what Susan told me. She was absolutely spot on, very specific, with things she could have had no knowledge of. She’s the real deal.
posted on Aug 18, 2012 by Elaine Smythe
 Elaine’s dog, Oreo Oreo closeup copy

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