Disturbing Images! This old dog swallowed a towel and survived!!



This is a really gross thing to look at but hey…we’re all adults here, right? Maybe you might face the very same thing and be really scared and then it won’t be so gross anymore because you’ll have some vital information. The images are disturbing of what happens when a dog swallows a towel. This is only for information purposes and not to be taken as veterinary advice. If your dog has swallowed a towel please rush your dog to the vet.

My elderly dog Pal swallowed a towel. She threw up several extremely long pieces and then couldn’t keep any food or water down and was lethargic. The veterinarian said she needed emergency surgery which started at $3500.

She’s in bad shape. She’s 12, has cancer and has Degenerative myelopathy (DM) which is a fatal, chronic, progressive, degenerative disease of the spinal cord of several breeds of dogs. There is no treatment for thisĀ disease and in time it leads to complete paralysis in all limbs. Major abdominal surgery is invasive even for a young healthy dog. But for an elderly sick dog it could potentially kill her. When the treatment is as bad as the culprit what do you do?

I prayed and got the answer! It was an herb called slippery elm which is not only healing and soothing to the entire digestive tract but also has a drawing action. It has been used for centuries to remove all kinds of things from the body-animal and human alike. I gave Pal fluids with electrolytes and baby food with turkey and chicken several times per day. She had 3 capsules of slippery elm 400 mg and after three days…voila! Out it came! She ran around like a pup after that.

Watch the video and see!

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