How to double your pet’s life span, prevent and beat cancer

how to double your pet's lifespan, prevent and eradicate cancer

If you’ve ever lived through the death of your beloved animal friend I’m sure you’ve asked yourself why do pets live such short lives? Years ago animals did live longer and what scientists have found is shocking! Our pets live much shorter lives than they did 60 years ago. And their prevalence of cancer is extremely high. Watch Rodney Habib explain how you can not only extend or double your pet’s life but prevent and beat cancer. Exciting stuff!

Ketogenic diet literally starves cancer cells

Rodney talks about his own dog’s cancer diagnosis. He talks about how pets used to live much longer than they do now. Rodney talks about Keto Pet a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX ┬áthat has state of the art diagnostic testing and treatment that is human grade such as the only nuclear imaging machines for dogs. The doctors are all volunteers and are treating stage 4 cancer patients successfully with a 30% success rate. In their facility they focus on ketogenic diet which literally starves cancer cells which feeds specifically on sugar in the diet. They use hyperbaric oxygen therapy and strenuous exercise to make for a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Many oncologists don’t inform their patients that chemotherapy and radiation cause secondary cancers!

Standard chemotherapy, surgery and radiation have a poor prognosis with a very low success rate of 2% for 5 years according to a 14-year study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2004 (for people) . Sadly many oncologists don’t inform their patients that these “therapies” cause secondary cancers! At Keto Pet lives are being saved with these untraditional therapies. But why, we must ask ourselves, doesn’t the medical establishment get us well? Because more money is being made keeping patients sick. If we had a healthy population Big Pharma would go out of business and the whole health care system would collapse.

It’s not your doctor’s fault. The whole medical system is rigged! Doctors are forced to use these traditional therapies or they will lose their medical licenses. Most oncologists claim they would not receive these same treatments they prescribe for their patients!

Cancer is a modern disease

There was literally only one case of cancer in the world in ancient studies of Egyptian mummies done by U.K. researchers in 2010. This leads to the conclusion that cancer is a man made disease from pollution and changes to lifestyle and diet.

You can save your pet’s life through embracing health and learning more at the Truth about Cancer and Keto Pet Sanctuary.. Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.


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