Is your dog a barker?

If you have a non-stop barker for a canine companion you have my sympathy. It can be an exasperating thing to stop.

Fortunately for you I have a good answer that you can easily implement at home.

But first, what are the reasons for barking?

Barking has many causes and before you can know which one your dog has you have to understand how dogs see the world. Dogs want to be with other dogs, animals or people but they don’t want to be left alone.

The number one reason dogs bark is out of territorial concerns. They want to protect their home turf. You can’t change that about your dog.

The second reason a dog can bark is out of boredom or being left alone. It’s unnatural for a dog to be left alone and it can frighten her. Of course a dog that lives with humans must adjust to being left alone for some time but when it’s a too long of a period of time with little quality time spent when the humans are with the dog…well we have a dog that’s extremely frustrated.

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The third reason a dog can bark is out of fear or lack of socialization. Barking can signify, “hey stay away from me.”

The fourth reason a dog can bark is to play or out of excitement.

The type of barking we’ll talk about today is territorial barking. That happens when your dog hears a sound and wants to alert the intruder that he’s not wanted there. Your dog is being protective and there’s no way to stop your dog from this natural drive. It’s an instinct that’s embedded into his DNA.

So how do you stop it? Well you can try a no-bark collar on the lowest setting. Personally this bothers me because the dog is being punished for following his natural drive to barBut try this first: put your dog into the quietest spot in the whole house away from the street sounds. Then turn on a radio or some kind of sound making device that creates a steady stream of stimulation to block out the very sounds that are causing your dog to bark.

You can also try using some rescue remedy found in most health food stores. A few drops under your dog’s tongue work in about 40 minutes to create a relaxing effect. Rescue remedy is non-toxic and made from the essence of flowers. I use it myself when I have to give a speech. I recommend buying the one that has no alcohol in it. I’ve used this on my birds and dogs when they’re under stress.

Having a barking dog is a challenging issue and I’d like to hear from you. What have you tried to quiet the barking?

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  2 comments for “Is your dog a barker?

  1. carolyn iarusso
    January 29, 2017 at 12:47 PM

    My dog does bark but not because he is alone or territorial I think it is from him having a stroke. I have helped him to walk again and actually give him less stimulation because he had a stroke also I have three other dogs. My new puppy Gabby barks but only to go out side. She is completely potty trained and crate trained as well. My dogs bark to let me know its time to go out side. Or time to eat. They get along pretty good.

    • Susan Hill
      February 2, 2017 at 9:46 AM

      Hi Carolyn! That’s great that you understand your dog’s communications. That’s amazing how you helped your dog with the stroke. Good job. Territorial barking is what all dogs do and that’s when somebody comes to the door. The only problem is when they won’t stop barking. You’re lucky if you don’t have a nuisance barker.

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