Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to communicate with animals?

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Maybe you’ve heard it’s possible to communicate with animals but you really wonder if it’s true…there have been times when you thought your furry child understood you and vice versa. But how is it possible to directly communicate at will with animals?

What do they have to say? How do they view their world? Are they in pain? Are they happy…with you? Maybe you’re an animal care professional and desire to take your profession to a whole new level by gaining a deeper perspective…learn how in this very special course taught by Susan Hill.




The telepathic connection


Telepathic communication is the ability to sense and feel energy in the form of messages from animals. They want you to know what they’re thinking and feeling.  Animals can send and receive messages just as we can.

The messages come in the form of the various sense channels such as “seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, physical sensations and a general knowing.”


Animals are eager to communicate with you and often will validate your communications with them by physically showing you that they understand you. They love that you are learning to communicate with them.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your pet is not feeling well? Most animals mask illness so the earlier you can find out the better. Sometimes going to the vet reveals little as to the origin of illness. Directly questioning your animal friend can be eye opening as you will uncover the root cause of the issue through direct communication.


Learn about your animal friend’s mysterious history if you don’t already know. Most of the time animals will let you know about their past but they don’t relive it like we, humans do. They will report what happened and then let it go.

Deepen your connection and the love you share with  your animal child. Create a deeper bond together.


Gain insights around how animals view themselves and their world. They tend to be rather philosophical.


Imagine what it feels like to have a mystical awareness with all of life as you connect with animals, domesticated and wild. It is a blissful state of oneness and harmonic resonance to be a part of the One.

Learn from a seasoned animal communicator how to communicate telepathically.

Discover the art of animal communication that is your natural birthright.


Are you ready to begin this sacred journey?


 BASIC COURSE  Learn How to Communicate with Animals: Believe!

PART 1     Introduction to the essentials on how to get in touch with animals telepathically. Discover your blocks to communicating with animals and the levels of communication possible. Learn how to experience animals’ perspectives, how you have already communicated telepathically with animals, and how to expand on that. Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication. Deepen your communion with all of life. You do not need to bring an animal companion to Part 1.

PART 2     Learn how to quiet and focus your mind when being with animals. Practice opening the channel to get across to animals and to receive what they communicate telepathically in thoughts, images, impressions, feelings, messages…
For Part 2, you may bring an animal friend, on leash or in a carrier, only if they are comfortable in strange surroundings and not a distraction to you or others. You will be able to work with other animals, so you are not obliged to bring your own. You may also bring photographs of your animal companions.

: desire to learn and be still.

The Basic Course opens the door to the world of direct interspecies communication. Each additional course offers a giant leap in awareness, communication capacity, and kinship with all life (to be offered later on). Prepare to face and release the blocks that inhibit your telepathic connection and understanding. Focus on your challenges, strengths, aspirations, and inspirations. Be enriched by Susan’s multi-dimensional communion with other species and wisdom gleaned from years of work and lifetimes of experience with all forms of life. Questions and difficulties will be individually addressed.

learn how to communicate with animals

Susan Hill has been a professional animal communicator since 2007. She has appeared on Dog Whisperer TV Show with Cesar Millan. Susan has helped hundreds of people and their animal friends all over the world have better relationships. She has been  personally mentored by Penelope Smith, the grandmother of animal communication. She’s been teaching the Basic Course since 2008.


“I was skeptical about the class. I wanted to communicate but in the back of my mind I kept thinking I was being scammed and that it was a hoax. And then two days later I was communicating with animals telepathically. I couldn’t believe it! I was excited and exhilarated that I could actually do it. It was thrilling and still is every time I get the communication right.” Linda B. from Los Angeles, CA.

Learn how to communicate with animals

The Basic Course is being rescheduled for May.

Sat evening 6-9 PM and Sunday  2-8 PM.

 Litchfield Pet Supply 583 Bantam Rd, Bantam, CT.

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