Pet Loss

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Thank you for visiting this page and for taking an important step in the process of your healing in the loss of your animal friend.
Losing your animal can be one of the most emotionally devastating experiences as he/she often gives us love and acceptance when it seems our own species falls short. It’s just an awfully painful experience.

Pet Loss Support

This loss may feel unbearable.

You may wonder if your animal friend blames you for his/her death. I can assure he/she does not. Learning more about death and dying help us to find peace otherwise we can stay stuck in a loop of thoughts, unexpressed or over expressed emotions and have trouble being able to live our lives to the fullest.

Remember this:The soul always knows the right time to return back to the realm of the invisible.There can be no mistakes. This is a very important thing to remember in our journey through grieving.

He had his own journey in life. There are no accidents…really.

Everything has a time and a reason. There is a Greater Intelligence behind all things. Even death.

You are loved beyond measure by a Loving Intelligence that created you to live your best life.

You are not alone in your grief. 

Talk with someone who not only shares your deep love and connection for animals but is ready to hold you in compassion and loving kindness through the emotionally distressing time of losing your precious animal friend. Moving through the grieving process is unique for everyone who goes through it. There is no wrong way to grieve. Be held lovingly during your time of loss.

  • Find out how your animal friend felt about his death or any communication that needs surrounding a sudden death.
  • Clear up your stuck feelings around their death.
  • Ask questions about why something happened you are wondering about.
  • Get a clearer understanding about the death and dying experience and understand that your animal friend’s passing is about their life’s journey.
  • Understand how it impacts your life.


  • Schedule your last blessing when possible.
  • Emergency last blessings for accident or sudden end of life.

We have spent everyday caring for and loving our animal friend and then struck with the news that he or she is ready to make their transition into the spirit realm.

Honoring our time with them during their time of transition is one of the most sacred of all human experiences. Individuals remark how they feel as if they have stepped into a moment of time that has stopped as they feel the profundity of their animal friend’s impact on their life in conscious connection.

Blessing your animal is a very special time in which to be totally present to the joy and love you have shared together. Each service is tailored to your animal friend, special wishes, individual religious or agnostic beliefs. Make a special day of your animal’s passing just as you would any other family member. It is a day of reflection, deep sharing, coming together to celebrate your animal friend’s life with you.

About Susan Hill

Susan is  deeply committed to your healing and recognizing that Life is Eternal. She is presently in The Emerson Theological Institute’s program for becoming an Animal Chaplain, an emerging field of the clergy, which recognizes that animals have their own spiritual journeys. Susan is a medium and able to communicate with animal spirits to help you to understand their point of view. In the spirit realm there is no suffering, judgement or hard feelings. Through embracing our pain of loss where we are with our self-blame and regrets we can move through the grieving process into fully knowing acceptance and peace. We can begin to recognize that there is an incredible gift for us waiting to unfold in our animal’s passing.

Please call or email Susan for any questions or if you would like to schedule a blessing, or receive individual or group pet loss support.

(747) 333 7324 EST in Torrington, CT.

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