Dog Training for Real Results

dog training for real results

Dog training for real results


Hello dog parent,


I was just like you…I had two big dogs and they were the loves of my life.

But I couldn’t control them. Oh I tried….just like you.

I did basic obedience and practiced two times a day.

I watched videos, read books….while searching for dog training that delivered real results.


I bought every collar and leash…

Heck, I was even on Dog Whisperer TV Show…

and I still failed. I even considered giving up my aggressive dog…but couldn’t do it. I couldn’t fail her…


Consequently I was so frustrated. Until I found the secret. I suddenly was able to control my dogs without harsh corrections, bribes or punishment. It was a miracle!


Because I found out that the secret to controlling dogs is psychological.


I honed my skills with dogs over the years and now teach other people how to do it.

If you want to move forward with your dog and stop living a small existence,

if you can’t do normal things because your dog’s behavior is ruining activities like

  • meeting other dogs
  • meeting other people
  • going on vacation
  • having a good relationship with your neighbors or roommates


Or that you are living in fear most of the time…


  • worrying excessively that something terrible will happen
  • paying off people from bites
  • paying other people’s vet bills from dog bite injuries

It’s time to learn how to take control of your relationship with your dog…

Learn how to


  • command respect
  • create a follower in your dog
  • become a leader
  • become a good non-verbal communicator
  • get your dog’s attention
  • socialize your dog with people and other dogs
  • create consequences for bad behavior
  • understand that your dog is instinctual not rational




Bob and Janice with German Shepherd Tia

If you want to

Be happier, feel peace in your home, feel confident your dog won’t run away or bolt out the door you need to call Susan.

        What Bad Dog Behaviors are YOU experiencing? And how have you tried to correct them?  Comment Below…

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